the Internet is a crazy place.

technology, the Internet in particular, makes people act funny. some people treat it like it’s just like any other form of communication–that threats should be taken the same, etc. others treat it like it’s completely opposite, disregarding all of society’s rules on acceptable behavior.

like most things, i think the truth lies somewhere in between the 2 extremes.

i had a course this semester where, in every class, we discussed various social/ethical topics re: technology and computers. it was a very open discussion where the professor said little. the students drove the discussion. it was very interesting to see different approaches to the evolving technologies. some people were old fashioned with their view, while others were more contemporary.

i think businesses illustrate how to approach technology. you can’t use any of the old business models and you can’t go around using NO business model. you must find a new model that fits the situation.

this applies to anything new, especially something that impacts society the way that computers, the Internet, and other technologies do.

so… i think the Internet is a crazy place, but isn’t the world a crazy place? we should at least be consistant with the way we treat and evaluate things.

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  1. I agree, however, some, like Camus, might call it the age of Rebellion, given that it rebels against society’s rules directly. Personally, i think it is freedom, perhaps anarchous, but a freedom where humans find their own rules, without being imposed so much on authority. Yeah. It’s teacher appreciation week! Free bagels!

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