lol @ myspace

i think myspace is super-trendy. it’s a fad that will peak and plateau just like having your own website (90s style, y0! blinky blinky!) and blogging (lj style, yo! whiney whiney). i don’t think myspace will disappear, though i sincerely hope that it evolves to help users learn how to create more aesthetically pleasing content–especially since there’s so little actual content.

about me:

hi! i love < insert religious-like obssession here > and i love my life! and i custom-made this layout from!

< insert private-information-divulging survey here>

who i’d like to meet:

anyone and everyone! as long as you’re not a stalker!!!

i don’t apologize for my skepticism. i just think most people on myspace are somewhat ignorant of the consequences of posting such personal information. and i say this coming from the perspective of someone who used to be ignorant. /sigh. i’m not sure what the point of this post is other than to rant about the silliness of myspace.

i will end the post on a positive note. as i’ve looked through friends of friends, i’ve found many people that i haven’t talked to in a long time. sure there’s a reason (proximity, convenience, bad experience), but that doesn’t mean i have to cling to any bitter feelings i might’ve had so long ago. i was bitter. i didn’t want to be friends with many of those people at one time. but this week, i found it strange that i was still holding onto a smidgen of those feelings. so i cast them off. hopefully, those people will still have a willingness to be my myspace friend lol.


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