pet peave #7659

persona: co-worker
behavior: must answer the phone when it rings
points of annoyance: 1- turning the ringer on the phone way up so you can hear it across the office, and 2- leaving in the middle of a conversation/meeting to answer their phone (since they can hear it ring)

this happens at work on a regular basis.  not only are some of my co-workers’ ringers really loud, but some of them have a really annoying ring (we have “new” phones that let you change the ringtone…at least it’s not polyphonic goofiness).  the main point of annoyance is when people are in the middle of a conversation or discussion (sometimes very important), and the co-worker perks up at hearing his ringtone, and runs into his office (in the middle of the conversation, mind you) to answer the phone.  can’t it wait?  it indicates a lack of respect for your co-workers.  and that’s really where the annoyance is for me. 

a loud ringer that might be distracting to people trying to concentrate is disrespectful (in my opinion).  this is especially true in close quarters/cube farm-type situations.  someone breaking a conversation to run into his office to see who’s calling is also disrespectful.  i’m not asking for anyone to be nice or to like me.  just please respect my time and concentration.

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