deeply disturbed

i find it deeply disturbing that christians are protesting with messages like “thank god for dead soldiers.” is that really the message that the Bible intended?  does speaking “directly and simply” mean being derogatory?  last i checked, it doesn’t.  what kind of faith is that?!

i’m just completely amazed.  at the same time, we cannot deny their right to voice their opinions (or however you want to phrase it).  however, i agree with the legislation that many are pushing for to limit protests at funerals.  seriously-can you at least show some compassion?  surely that’s what jesus would do lol.

wow.  just wow.

2 thoughts on “deeply disturbed

  1. I agree that they have the right to say these things but I will admit that I am horrified they have chosen funerals as their forum to do so. That’s just insane and a complete plea for media attention and aimed to hit people when they are suffering. I don’t know a whole lot about Christ but that does not sound like something he would agree with.

  2. i was very confused about this blog… reading it repeatedly… until someone kindly walked me through it, pointing out the subsequent websites that helped explain. in the intervening time since this has been written, the Westboro Baptist Church has performed a number of repeated ‘protests’ at funerals, and other locations, including Camp LaJeune… which, being a Marine base, is pretty serious in my eyes from the ‘git-go’. it is not so much that these people are Christian by any stretch of the imagination. Knowing a great deal about Christ and having a profound affection for Him and the supreme Sacrifice He made for the World, i can only surmise that these folk are in true need of… help? though of what kind I am unsure. i would seriously consider restraining them and their ilk within 100 yards from any function they desired to disrupt, given the unfortunate reality that the very soldiers (in those cases) who died in battle, died for the freedom of these folk to do what they are doing :/ . a conundrum, i think.

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