intrepeting art

i am not a fan of bush or any of the things he’s done during his term(s) as President. i think he is way too focused on a very religion-inspired agenda (admittedly difficult to do when you’re so passionate about your religion) and seems to pander to anyone will to toot his horn.

HOWEVER, i don’t think it’s an excuse to rip on his interpretations of art.  while bush obviously put his own spin to the interpretation of his favorite painting, isn’t that part of enjoying art?  being able to extrapolate a variety of meanings from the same piece makes the piece more enjoyable to a wider variety of people.  so what if it’s not the way to artist intended.  i’m sure Monet, Rembrandt, Picasso, and countless other artists and their pieces have been misinterpreted.  that doesn’t make the interpretations flat out wrong or stupid.  it simply means the piece is being enjoyed in a different form than originally intended.

any thoughts?

One thought on “intrepeting art

  1. yep totally well said—art interpretation is such an individual thing. on a different note…do y’all watch “Little Bush”…omg It makes me laugh until I cry!!!!!!

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