the wandering mind

underneath the yoga mat
i made a small discovery while meditating last night at the beginning of my kung fu (tai chi, etc.) class.  most discoveries in my practices (kung fu, yoga, etc.) are small, but every little bit adds up.

so yesterday’s discovery was the realization that one shouldn’t fight the monkey mind, but embrace it–love it, even.  so often in the mindful practices, teachers try to explain to let your thoughts go.  i have never fully grasped what they were saying until last night.  when i first started meditating, i tried and tried to quiet my mind.  the more i tried, the more monkeying my mind did.  what i didn’t get was the letting go part.

the best way i can describe it is this.  do not fight the monkey mind.  when random thoughts enter your mind, acknowledge them.  then let it go.  if you practice and practice this, eventually, it will click.  one of the things that helps, though, is loving those random thoughts and your mind.  you cannot be down on yourself or your mind for having so many thoughts.  it’s a wonderful thing to be able to think of so many things at once!  but at the same time, we have to help ourselves regulate the flow of thoughts via meditation.  well, we don’t have to, but it certainly helps focus and the ability to sleep.  in this crazy world we live in, we’re constantly bombarded and distracted.  meditation can bring you back to center…to the root of all life…yourself.  that’s all there is to life–what’s inside of each of us.

so keep practicing (if you practice at all) at letting go.  and remember to love yourself and your mind.  be thankful that you can experience those thoughts…then let them go.  there will be plenty of time to dwell on them later.

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