religion @ work

i ate my lunch in the break room today (unusual, but i gotta’ save money somewhere), and sat amidst a conversation i chose only to observe. the partakers of the conversation were coworkers, most with whom i don’t associate myself with the only exception being my sifu.

seemingly out of nowhere, the guy sitting next to me commented that the leader of FDLS, Warren Jeffs, should be “tortured for the things he’s done.” that lead to a conversation about religion (one of the topics that shouldn’t be discussed with coworkers IMO). most of the comments were centered around “i think this sect is a cult” or “that sect is a cult.”

do you see why i refrained from participating?

most of you know i’m not religious, and you know the reasons (can you say smothered?). while my perspective is not unique in this world, i seemed to be the only one at the table who saw a lack of respect for people who believe something different (sometimes vastly). at one point, the guy sitting next to me commented that the mormon faith seemed to originate from drug-induced experiences (the phrase “the guy licked toads” was used).

soon, the conversation led to comments saying, “i don’t know how people could believe something without any other basis.” this is where i laughed inside. what do you think non-Christians think of Christians who believe in a God with very little (solid) evidence? that’s what faith is about. i’m not here to argue about what religion or teaching is right. what i do want to point out is that trying to discount a belief system just because you don’t “get it” is stupid. it’s simply an appeal to ridicule (thanks, charlie, for the deductive logic lesson!).

8 thoughts on “religion @ work

  1. I agree 100% with this post. I was born hindu, studied in Catholic school, had Jains, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian and Sikh friends. I enjoyed the diversity; always assumed all religions are right – believe me it works if you dont try to convert them or justify yourself or justify them.

    But in last few years I realized it is best not to discuss religion. Earlier it was fascinating but now I just avoid talking about it.

    If religion gives you mental strength, good for you. If you prefer to go with your logic and decide not to be religious, good for you.

    My philosphy: Religion is a set of theories, any theory could be right or none of the theories could be right. I am too dumb to know the answer, so I agree with everyone 🙂

  2. oh.

    *looking down quietly, thinking she had better get back to work and thinking… sometimes being curious can hurt you… and wanting to crawl into a corner and quietly die*

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