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plant lady: purple velvet plant

this is perhaps one of my favorite plants that i’ve been successful with so far in my plant-care journies. the purple velvet plant, aka purple passion vine.

i had been purusing the plant selection at lowe’s, and noticed the bargain bin. i prefer plants that are unusual and interesting. this small specimen caught my eye. it didn’t look healthy, and i think i got it half off. there were about 4 stems, but only 1 looked worthwhile. i decided to take a chance.

sure enough, only 1 of the stems survived, but boy did it take off! i didn’t know it was a vine at the time. i didn’t know much about plants at all. but i had read that this one prefers bright light, particularly direct morning light (not the hot afternoon sun). when it really began taking off, i didn’t quite know what to do because it “vined” so much.

soon, i read that you must cut them back to keep them bushy. propogating them is simple…make a cutting by cutting a stem off that’s around 4-6 inches long. place the cutting in soil, and water regularly. optionally, you can use root hormone, but i’ve not had to for any of the purple velvet plant cuttings i’ve done.

these plants are a little particular about watering. the roots will rot if overwatered, but you want to water them just after the surface soil has dried. i water them lightly, and moderately often (every couple of days). cutting them back or pinching the tips of new growth will keep the plant bushier than viny. though mine hasn’t bloomed yet, the purple velvet plant produces smelly orange flowers.

plant lady: the croton (1st installment)

i’ve decided to post something worthwhile on my blog…perhaps a bit more interesting than how high gas prices are (lol). i’m hoping it’s more interesting anyway.

i’ve taken up several new hobbies since i graduated college (welcome back free time). one of those is container gardening. our house has a ton of natural light which really makes the whole hobby much easier. you simply have to find the right plants for the right spot (depending on how much direct light they need).

so here’s to the first post chronicling my plant adventures!

croton for 800x600
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the croton enjoys bright light, but does well with partial shade conditions as well. the particular one i have has green leaves with red, orange, and yellow linings. the vibrant colors really make this plant interesting. and from what i understand, there are many different varieties that have some crazy colors.

i have my croton in a south facing window that gets sun for at least 5-6 hours a day. they don’t like to be ignored. and pruning them from the top will keep them bushy. this is something i should do since the leaves on the bottom have dropped (natural from what i’ve read). i have all kinds of new growth at the top right now. w00t!