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today i…

…took brain for a car ride to run errands.

…changed my oil.

…rotated my tires.

…changed my spark plugs.

…ran brain around while i rode my bike (she got the hang of it after a couple of times up and down our street).

…enjoyed the cool breeze.

…basked in the sunshine.

…bought my boyfriend & roommate lunch.

…ate lunch out on the deck.

…watched golfers go by.

…cleaned out some branches (prepping for our fence…hopefully, i did enough).

…threw away some dead plants (oops! they don’t all make it at my house…some of them were annuals anyway).

…slept in.

…played on the internet.

…tried to get ahold of my friend, ben. what?!

…played on facebook.

…played on flickr.

…watched tv.

…ate unhealthy food (taco bell & bojangles…YUM!).

…hung pictures in the rest of the house (it only took us 3 yrs lol).

i’m just really enjoying today. it’s awesome outside, and i think i might trip back out there to see what other fun stuff i can find to do. 🙂

home sweet home

i survived thanksgiving week at the beach with my boyfriend’s family. whew! i had already met much of the family, but hadn’t spent that amount of time with them. despite the stresses of small children and loving family, charlie and i managed to have a good time. took a few pics, and haven’t finished uploading them yet. the house was nice and the beach was gorgeous. other than charlie’s car getting egg’d, there was no other bad drama. charlie’s family is really great, but better in small doses (as is the case with most families).

summary of the trip: visited downtown st. augustine (oldest city in the US), the alligator farm, a lighthouse, some seafood restaurants, and many galleries (no art purchased, unfortunately). the weather was chilly the first couple of days and sunny/warm the last couple of days, but it was super-windy the whole time, so we didn’t spend much time on the beach. all in all, the trip consisted primarily of devising ways to get away from the children and family. i’ve increased my sneakiness a little bit. 🙂 there’s nothin’ like quiet, home-sweet-home.

Life’s a Beach!

am posting this from our little condo at the outer banks. what a great place! the beaches are better, as are the available activities. there’s so much to do around here… museums, light houses, the aquarium, flying kites, jet skis, parasailing, fishing!!!!

speaking of fishing, i went fishing for the first time yesterday. it was so fun!! we went out to one of the piers and fished. caught a lot of spot. in fact, we caught fish pretty much non stop for about 3 hours. we used 3 different kinds of bait: squid, shrimp, and live bloodworms.

bloodworms are disgusting animals!! i don’t mind slimy, but anything that wants to suck my blood is a little creepy to me. so once we chopped their heads off, i had no problem oozing their blood and guts (and shit) onto the hook. not the most attractive thing, but the rewards were good.

fishing is fun! i’m glad charlie’s parents gave us some decent fishing equipment. we’ll pr’y fish off the pier some more, but we’re definitely going on a headboat to catch some bigger fish!


Lounging Lollers

lollers (the female betta who’s home is a large vase at work) has a new lounging spot. at least, that’s how it appears right now. i had cut a sprig from my “lucky bamboo” plant and was trying to grow another plant. i decided to give lollers some structure in her bowl, and placed the cutting in with her. the top of the cutting sits high enough to get CO2, but low enough to let some of the leaves hang in the water.

right now, lollers is parked on a leaf watching me work. fish are fascinating animals.