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dun tread on me

i really hate it when people pounce on me when i have just arrived at my desk. i especially dislike it when people come to me with an issue that they have not done any troubleshooting on at all. don’t come asking for help on something you haven’t even looked at seriously. i can’t do your job and my job at the same time.

grrr. it’s gonna be a rough day.

pet peave #7659

persona: co-worker
behavior: must answer the phone when it rings
points of annoyance: 1- turning the ringer on the phone way up so you can hear it across the office, and 2- leaving in the middle of a conversation/meeting to answer their phone (since they can hear it ring)

this happens at work on a regular basis.  not only are some of my co-workers’ ringers really loud, but some of them have a really annoying ring (we have “new” phones that let you change the ringtone…at least it’s not polyphonic goofiness).  the main point of annoyance is when people are in the middle of a conversation or discussion (sometimes very important), and the co-worker perks up at hearing his ringtone, and runs into his office (in the middle of the conversation, mind you) to answer the phone.  can’t it wait?  it indicates a lack of respect for your co-workers.  and that’s really where the annoyance is for me. 

a loud ringer that might be distracting to people trying to concentrate is disrespectful (in my opinion).  this is especially true in close quarters/cube farm-type situations.  someone breaking a conversation to run into his office to see who’s calling is also disrespectful.  i’m not asking for anyone to be nice or to like me.  just please respect my time and concentration.

i <3 dilbert

sometimes, it seems that scott adams works at my company.  it’s just good to know mine is not the only company that has management problems lol.



i experience both situations on a regular basis.  hahahha.  thanks scott!

things and more things.

so i haven’t been very good at keeping up with my goals. then again, i had a realization that some of my goals were pretty ambitious. hey, how else do you know where your limits are? sometimes you have to push, and when they push back, well… that’s when you know.

i have, however, made lemonade out of a lemon (can you make lemonade with just 1 lemon? perhaps just one glass.). i hurt my lower back while doing a forward fold while in double pigeon, so i haven’t been able to do yoga for a week and a half now (should’ve quit 4 weeks ago lol). to stay sane, i have made an extra effort to meditate for at least 10-15 minutes every morning. i must say, it’s been a wonderful experience that’s very different from what i have found in yoga and tai chi.

meditation in the morning makes me more focused. i think that clearing my mind in the morning really sets me up to succeed at work because i don’t have all the bullshit running around in my head. i get so distracted at work sometimes…just by wondering thoughts and interruptions. i noticed a HUGE difference today in the way i am able to work. instead of flitting between checking e-mail constantly and fiddling with some of the applications i support, i was able to maintain a train of thought for more than 15 minutes at a time. i’m completely amazed by the focus i’ve found.

and i still get the subtle stillness that keeps me grounded during the day. i can certainly roll with some damn punches these days. it’s one setback after another at work, and i constantly fight inefficiencies. i appear to do no work because priorities keep changing, and management wants some other justification or document. my morning meditation brings me stillness to balance the weight of “opposing forces,” if you will. no amount of fighting against it will stop it. you must embrace the resistance.

breath into it.

but oh how i miss yoga. if you haven’t already, please click on the photo in this post. it’s a really cool shot of a torpedo launcher on a submarine!

eligant code-verse.

we’re interviewing for a .net developer at work, and i am participating as an interviewer (with the 2 other developers).  we use, and the other 2 developers have no interest in converting to c#.  i’m understanding of this because i cannot prove that converting would be worth our while considering we’re all very overworked.  so…

one of the questions we asked one fellow was why he chose to learn c# over when he was learning .net.  i couldn’t wait to hear his answer because i hoped his efforts would be more successful than mine in describing why c# was preferred.

his answer: “i find to be very verbose.  i can do the same things in c# much more eligantly.”

AH!  that’s it!  there’s something about c# and java that are inherintly eloquent.  it revived my intention to pursue learning c# ( via a side project or two. 

First time for everything.

this morning, i held my first requirements gathering meeting. i arranged it and led it. i was really nervous, but when the pressure’s on–that’s usually when i do my best.

i’m a bit proud of myself right now because the meeting could have gone on forever talking about all the things we want in the system. i was a bit disappointed at the lack of suggestions, but i think a lot of that has to do with the questions you ask. you have to know the right ones to ask, and that’s where experience and knowing the business come in. those are 2 things that i’m lacking a little bit of…

but i’m trying. how else do you get experience and knowledge other than by trying things out and investigating?

either way, i feel like today was successful. i felt like i was well prepared and communicated my goals (and subsequently MIS’s goals) in efforts to complete this system. another first for the books.