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lol @ hoa squabbles

so i did get quoted in a pointless article in follow-up to the bermuda vs. fescue grass problem in one of the mini-neighborhoods in the massive neighborhood i live in.

Highland Creek resident Rachel wrote in an e-mail that residents should know the rules before they move in. “When you move into Highland Creek, you’re bound to the rules of the neighborhood,” she said. “There’s nothing hidden about that, and I think the whole thing is ridiculous. There are better things to squabble about than what type of grass to grow.”

and one chicky-poo who’s apparently one of the “victims” of this heinous issue didn’t exactly agree with me!!!! ***cue mellodramatic music***

Yes, I’ll `squabble’ over abuse of my lawn
In response to “Residents say they didn’t know about fescue grass provision” (Aug. 19):
When I bought my house in the Dominion Crossing neighborhood, I assumed my builder was in compliance with the Highland Creek Community Association’s rules.
Rachel Kendall might think this grass issue is worth “squabbling about” if it were her lawn to be killed off by a blanket of herbicide.

Laura Vinton, Charlotte

lolol.  that’s what you get for assuming, bitch.  when i got the 100 page hoa agreement, i read that shit to avoid problems like this.  assume nothing when signing a contract lol.


what the fuck is up with gas prices?! am i the only one who’s noticing that prices are going up for no apparent reason?! they never recovered from the hurricane issues, and now they’re going back up?!?!?!@$@^


sir, may i please have another?!

Don’t blame me, son!

i really hate it when people ask you for something, and you give it to them, but you’ve misunderstood what they asked for.

then they come back and tell you, “i told you that i wanted this thing, but you gave me something else. i’ve entered it into this system, and now i have to get so-and-so to fix it because you gave me bad information.”

okay…well…then you need to better communicate what you need because i can’t read your fuckin’ mind!

Please, sir, may I have some more?

we need more bandwidth in my house. i can’t upload a bunch of files to the web if my roommate and/or boyfriend are playing on xbox live. well…i can, but they lag out, and that makes for a very unhappy situation.

the answer to my dilemna is simple: more bandwidth. *sigh*


i may be leaving this job in a week and a half, but that doesn’t mean i’m going to slack off. why does everyone else think he can slack off? argh. ROAR. it shouldn’t bother me so much, but i still have a job to do here for a week and a half.

Another change in the ranks…

one of the best managers i’ve worked for to date is leaving today. he’s gotten an awesome job elsewhere, and it’s a great move for him.

his expertise and willingness to teach are the two things i’ll miss most (considering the new manager won’t even be onsite). *sigh* this is a large part of my motivation to find other employment–a process that is going very well at the moment.

What’s Visio?

i’m in the engineering lab at school working my senior project requirements doc when i hear…

redneck engineering student #1: “what’s visio?”
redneck engineering student #2: “i dunno…it’s some microsoft thang…”

lollArz. and these will be the guys building cars, roads, and buildings. lovely.

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Inaugural Protests

this is probably the funniest picture from all the ones i’ve seen so far from the inaugural protests.

this one is a bit odd. okay…you’re protesting, but you’re complaining about lady liberty being silented? hmm…

yeah… i believe he is. just because the person you voted against got elected does not negate the fact that he was elected. and don’t even think you’ve got me pegged as a bush supporter.

i’m an american, and i didn’t vote for bush; but that is my right as an american.

Over Analysis

lately, all i’ve been doing is overanalyzing everything. it’s been so hard for me to think of things more simply. it’s been very frustrating.

if anyone has suggestions on how to harness the overanalysis, please feel free to comment.

Happy Holly-days! Who’s Holly anyway?

happy holidays to everyone!!

i used to be very pretentious about christmas time. in my sheltered world, i was taught that Christ is the only reason for Christmas and that “we shouldn’t let them take the Christ out of Christmas!!” i was so struck by that, that i refused to take anyone else’s alternative relgious choices into consideration when wishing them well for the holidays. i resolved that i would say “merry christmas” because that is what i believe and that is what is true!


that was several/many years ago. now, i understand and am more open-minded about things. it’s not all about me and what i believe–especially not around the holidays. you should be considerate of other people and their beliefs all year round , in fact!!!

my upbringing was very close-minded… while i understand some of the intent, the means do not justify the end.

fascinating how your perspective changes as the amount of information i have goes up.