argh @ nfl

as much as i wanted to watch football, i could not tolerate watching monday night football last night.  “why?” you may ask.  well, i wanted to watch football, but espn made monday night football into a katrina-fest.  now, i don’t want to sound cold-hearted.  what happened during katrina was devestating.  and yes, it’s great that the saints are back in the dome.  but the commentators spoke of nothing but that.  i wanted them to commentate on the game, but they continued to talk about the devestation.  and then the commercials were even more about guilting us all into giving more.  the entire thing seemed as if there was no football game, but only a gathering of new orleans natives together again after years of being apart.

well, all i wanted was to watch football–not to hear how hard it is for everyone to survive.  l2p newb.

8 thoughts on “argh @ nfl

  1. Yes, NFL went overboard. There should have been more talk about football and a bit less about Katrina. Still, the Saints won so I got laid, yay! Matt gets so depressed when they lose he he he 🙂 So you and Charlie should plan on coming to Hooters with us for after you come back from Chicago to catch a Monday night game with no extraneous commentaries 🙂 Love! Lily

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