so now i’m in boston.  so far, the trip has been interesting.  i’ve been stared at more than usual (in my opinion), and even cat-called by teenagers (they looked it anyway) outside the hotel.  connected with an IT manager at BoA on the plane, and i got a good way through my book.  i <3 neil stephenson.  very fascinating.

travelling by myself is fun.  there are no limitations on what i can do.  i got a sweet ’07 maxima as a rental car, and it has all kinds of gadgets and gizmos built-in.  a nice little daily driver, if you ask me.  and boston is pretty cool so far.  can’t wait till i can see it in the daytime.

what’s even better is that i hooked up with more friends (4 or 5 in one day!) on myspace.  i really am not a fan of myspace as a whole, but if it’s the only way i’ll keep up with these people, then it’s not so bad.  i can overlook the overt ignorance of all web design standards (lololololol).

just randomness…no links.  sorry.  4 beers + travelling all afternoon = sleepy rach. 🙂


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