untitled (doesn’t that mean it’s titled?)

i wasn’t going to post tonight (sorry shep), but i’m laying on my hotel bed watching all the crappy primetime re-runs by myself. posting is better than anything.

today was unusual. drank 3 or 4 too many cosmos last night (great hotel bartender), and was regretting it this morning. i finally got my belly under control, went to class, and was bored out of my mind. talked about security and networking, and i really couldn’t focus.


once class got out, the adventure began. 5pm on a tuesday evening in boston – what shall i do? i came back to the hotel and did a quick google search on boston. found a nifty, interactive map, and checked all the museums, but alas they all closed at 5 or 6. i finally settled on checking out the Faneuil Hall Market Place since there’d be shopping (even the tomboys have to do it sometimes) and plenty of food.

the drive was short, and traffic wasn’t bad. i didn’t have a map–only my decent sense of direction (thank god!). and the marketplace was quaint. it had the moderness of a mall with the quaintness of cafes. weather was good, and vendors were in full sales-mode.

i did a little shopping. bought a laughing buddha, and found some novelty stores/items. other fun finds were the gigantic spinner watches, the bubbly lighting, and a giant chinese takeout box purse. once i made the rounds of the marketplace, i decided on a place to eat.

spicy seared tuna

mccormick and schmick’s looked a little upscale, but i really need to get some more fresh new england seafood. i’m guessing the tuna was fresh…it better had been since it was served practically rare–the only way to eat tuna. it was very spicy and very tasty.

i finished the meal off with a dessert, which is unusual. but i hadn’t eaten lunch, so i splurged. mmmm. upside-down apple pie for the win! i found my way back to woburn without incident, and have been here since. and now this post has taken 30 minutes to write.

now i remember why i wasn’t posting that often. lololol.

6 thoughts on “untitled (doesn’t that mean it’s titled?)

  1. no shit.

    posting to a blog is a fulltime job. if you don’t have a couple of hours and a list of decent shit to talk about, you might as well be writing dear-diary entries.


    keep it up though. i’m starting to get the hang of it…

  2. sometimes i feel like it’s a “dear diary” thing…so i try to at least have interesting pics and links.

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