i am becoming.

been thinking a lot about relationships lately.  not just romantic ones, but all kinds…and all the kinds i’ve had.  i’ve met a lot of new people lately, and have formed some new friendships.  it’s very positive, but i can’t help but look back for a moment.  i’m trying to make it a brief moment because i think you should remain present.  but you can learn from the past.  i think that’s what i’m hoping to do.  i’ve learned quite a bit this year already, and it’s only the beginning.

i’m certainly at a transition in my life.  graduating college has been a big change.  i’ve had a lot more time to do what i want (or what i thought i wanted lol), which is cool.  so i’ve been exploring all the things you can do with spare time.  hahah.  got a wow character to 60, began practicing yoga and tai chi, read my new favorite book, the fountainhead, and have been really enjoying work.  it’s been interesting trying to figure out what satisfies me lol.

and then i remember a phrase a guide once said trying to make my situation clear: “i am becoming.”  it rings so true.  be present.  just be.

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