dave shea talks about the newly released adobe photoshop cs3 icons.  and i have to agree that the icons are terrible! you can see the simple design in the image below (click to enlarge).

i spent about 9 months in art school while i was trying to figure out what the hell i wanted out of college.  during my time there, i designed a few icons, and i did very poorly at it.  that being said, i have to say that if i had come in with icons looking like that, i would’ve gotten worse remarks than i did on the designs i did come up with (i always got “you need to push the envelope” lol).

listen, adobe – when i went to art school, i was surrounded with talented people who were able to create some of the most creative and fantastic work (icons, etc.).  couldn’t you hire one of them?

2 thoughts on ““icon”oclast

  1. Somebody was feeling reaaaallly slooow and lazy when they designed these icons~! Don’t they have a QC environment and a user that would take a look and say : “all right, you obviously passed 2nd grade art class, so now show me what you got!”. How disappointing. It’s a design tool for God’s sake, use some design on IT!

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