some ponderings for this year.

i’ve been thinking a lot about what this year will hold.  i’m really excited because so much happened last year, and i accomplished a lot of goals (small and large).  in anticipation, i have decided to set some new goals.

for one, i’m endeavoring to be more connected.  i mean that in the most abstract sense.  i want my body to be connected with itself–to feel that my feet are truly connected to my hands and that all my appendages are connected to my head.  this sounds silly when i say it literally like that, but that was what i had in mind when i set that intention for myself this year.  i think it really will make me more connected to people around me–my community. 

next, i intend to get back into a regular, 3-4 times a week, yoga schedule.  i really benefited from this style of workout regimen last summer/fall, and i let the holidays take me away from that.  now it’s back to it, and i want it to be that way all year.  i have a couple of goals within my yoga practice, including holding supta kurmasana for 5 breathes (i can hold it, kinda’, for 1 or 2 on good days) on a regular basis, and staying in tripod headstand (or regular headstand) for 10 breathes among others.

third, i’d like to make efforts to blog more at home.  often times, i blog when i’m at work, and not only is that bad for work, but it’s bad for blogging.  i can put more effort.

and i will add a fourth item to my list of goals just to keep ambitious.  i’d like to get back into some sort of art.  whether it’s singing, painting, or just drawing in sketchbooks, i need/want to get back to other forms of (non-electronic) expression.  have no fear…i will share all of my non-electronic endeavors electronically (they just may not start out that way!). 

that is all for now.  i wish i had more to say, but ashtanga cleared my mind this evening.  that’s why i go.

One thought on “some ponderings for this year.

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