waxing poetic

i stand erect
barefoot in the grass
ears listening at full volume
the rain has come
but has not fully left

rain drops fall one at a time
a drop on my shoulder
then one on my hand
another on my back
one on my nose
drop, drip, drop

a bird chirps ahead of me
air conditioners hum away
the drainage is my personal waterfall
it washes away all that is not mine

when did the crickets start?
have they been chirping all along?
a voice in the near distance
an engine turns over
click, click, roar

open my eyes to a twinkling
lightning bugs surround me
is it that time of twilight?
i’m happy to be home
i’m happy to be done.

–written during tonight’s impromptu standing meditation in honor of today’s absorption of energy

i have cleared all that does not serve me well.

, my friends.

2 thoughts on “waxing poetic

  1. I love it – a truly beautiful poem! And what an amazing awareness of present!

  2. Awesome, beautiful & FUNNY !!!!!

    drop, drip, drop;
    click, click, roar ;
    We want more 🙂

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