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some of my readers are aware that i’ve taken up a new hobby recently (over the last year or so).  for those you of not aware, check out my flickr account to see attempts at photography.  i initially signed up for flickr simply to share photos from a trip to vegas, but i soon found that flickr would act as a gateway to my new favorite creative outlet.

i’ve always enjoyed taking pictures.  i got my first camera in middle school and always had it with me.  i documented the bulk of my middle school career, and much of high school (primarily church activities, concerts, etc. at that point).  in other words, taking pictures is not a new thing for me.

what is new is the photography part.  i’ve always wanted to be creative with my pictures, but have not really put much effort into always finding a good shot or even investing in quality equipment.  with the advent of digital photography, i’ve found a way to put more effort into it while doing something i love — playing on the ‘puter of course! 

after getting a photo published in a german cosmetics calendar, the most awesome man in my life bought me a new digital SLR for my birthday.  wow!  now i need to figure out how to use it.  so i signed up for a photography class!  w00t!  now i’m on my way.  in addition to the photography class, i’ve built a light box for taking photos of a variety of things and invested in a (el-cheapo) tripod.

5 thoughts on “new hobby

  1. Will you be interested in creating my personal portfolio, I will use it to find girls. Will you be mad if I photoshop your creation to add six pack abs?

  2. absolutely, raj! 🙂 _especially_ if you use it to find girls. and i’ll even help you bulk up. 😀 haha

  3. I think your photography has really taken off and is excellent. my favorite right now are your city night shots. how cool would they be printed large, framed, and hung gallery style. keep it up and share more night shots—really dig those 🙂

  4. as usual, with most anything this woman seems to touch, she excels

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