morning adventure

enjoying the outdoors
this morning when i got done getting ready, brain was indicating that she wanted to go outside (figured it was to poop). so i let her out, and she bolts to the corner of the yard where the trees are. she seems to be chasing something, but i can’t tell what she’s after…until i see one of the bunnies has found it’s way into the back yard. so brain chases the rabbit around the trees for a bit, and the rabbit is furiously trying to find a way out of the fence (he keeps running into the fence hoping to get under or through it).

after a couple of laps around the trees, brain finally catches the rabbit! the bunny goes limp, and brain carries it around the yard proudly. i call for her to bring it to me, but of course she doesn’t listen. i go down into the yard, and make brain sit and drop (she did NOT want to give that rabbit up!). i finally get the rabbit out of her mouth, and allow the bunny to go free.

i sent brain inside because the rabbit STILL couldn’t get out of the fence. it actually got itself stuck trying to squeeze itself through the wiring. i had to help it squeeze it’s hind legs through the wiring to get it out lol.

it was quite an adventure, and i know brain was disappointed that i made her give up her catch (she kept obsessing about going outside when i brought her in). it was really funny watching her walked around with the rabbit in her mouth. wish i had gotten a pic of it.

3 thoughts on “morning adventure

  1. I’m so glad the rabbit was able to walk away from the encounter.

    Jules has killed one and injured another so badly I had to finish the job for her.

    NOT PLEASANT!!!!!!!!!

  2. did Natalie above make soup???

    Rachel I love this story—that is so awesome!!! I don’t think Mitzu would be able to do something like that…she would probably just sniff it and want to snuggle…she did find some baby birds in a nest a couple of days ago…if I notice she is sniffin’ in one certain area for an excessive amount of time I have to go check it out. Brain is such a cool dog—wish we lived closer! She would like the things she could catch out here!!! hehehehe!

  3. lol @ rabbit stew!

    brain is awesome, and i fully plan on keeping an eye on the bunnies in the backyard to ensure they remain as intact as possible (for everyone’s sake). 😀

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