written on the plane

as i flew out of my city last week, i saw the most amazing clouds as we chased the sunset westward.  here’s the first result of the view…

between the blankets
6:50pm EDT 10-16-08

drifting by
can’t tell the depths
usually looking up
but now looking down
upon the puffs of white
dotting the terra firma

some swoosh and whisp
others tower and flow
stuck between the layers
can’t quite tell which are up
not sure which are down
slowly they consume me

envelope me
cover me with your cushion
over the top of my head
underneath both my feet
how could i want to be stuck
between these blankets of clouds

i am in awe
you’ve been wrapped ’round
lovingly covering my soul
gently cradling my spirit
i want to be forever stuck
between your blankets of love

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