sibling rivalry classic

the brothers and i have decided to embark on a first quarter fitness competition.  should make the first quarter more interesting.

Sibling Rivalry Classic

Goal: To get an otherwise out of shape group of Kendall siblings into a virile, vibrant, and vivacious state of health.

To win: Winner must win two of the three criteria specified below.  Losers will pay $100 each to the winner.  No second place.  In the case of a three way tie (ie, all three win one of the three criteria), a run-off will be held in which all three criteria will be measured, executed in sequence.  An unnamed third party will measure the execution of the criteria and provide the final ruling.

Begin date: 1/1/2009 12:00AM (tonight @ midnight)
Target date: 3/31/09 with criteria measurement on 4/4/09 (weekend)

Success criteria:

  1) Fastest one mile run
      – Run will be recorded on a treadmill for equal comparison
      – Second mile of a run; this will allow a 1 mile warm up at any speed and avoid any of us hurting ourselves
  2) Push-ups
      – Two criteria: 1) Number of push ups in 1 minute and 2) Number of push ups to exhaustion
      – Criteria #1 will be measured on 4/4
      – Criteria #2 measured on 4/5
  3) Crunches
      – Crunches will be measured based on number of crunches performed in 2 minutes


  – No performance enhancing substances (Creatine, etc.)
  – No trainers, paid or otherwise
  – Vitamins are allowed and in fact encouraged
  – Don’t hurt yourself; this isn’t meant to push limits, only to test our respective abilities in physical fitness

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