traditional new year’s ponderings post

in light of  a tradition i decided to set for myself last year, it’s time to post the ponderings for 2009.  i hate resolutions because they’re very temporary.  i prefer to have goals or ideas for what i’d like to shoot for.  i still frequently forget those things by mid-year, but it never hurts to write it down neverthless.

first and foremost is travel.  i really think 2009 will be another big travel year for me because i really think my mind is set on it.  europe has been calling to me, and though i’m not sure exactly where or when (would like to do it when it’s good weather), i’m going to get across the pond one way or another.  the beach is also a must, considering i’m only a couple of hours away.  it’s generally an affordable option.  and of course, i’d like to get back out to the west coast to see the family.  2008 was a great year of revisiting my extended family and spending quality time with my aging grandparents.  must do more of that!

next is the workout regimen.  the last part of 2008 was a time of transition.  many of the habits i developed throughout 2008 fell off the radar as i transitioned into a new job which changed my schedule among other things.  the first quarter will involve Sibling Rivalry Classic, so that should be a great motivator to get me started in 2009.  i ended 2008 by restarting my yoga practice, as well.

one last thing that has been more prominently on my mind as 2008 came to a close was my involvement (or lack thereof) in music.  one of my goals last year was to get back in touch with my (non-electronic) artsy side, which meant drawing, writing, doing music (singing, playing guitar, whatever), or something along those lines.  while those things didn’t quite take hold last year, i think music will be a bigger part of my life this year, primarily because it’s naturally in my thoughts these days.  the guitar sits in my great room…calling to me.  i shall answer it today.

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