House Of Leaves – Review

House of Leaves House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
I was really looking forward to the quirkiness this book promised. I had heard it’s a tough read, and just flipping through it proved that with some of the pages having only a couple of words, paragraphs written upside down or even backwards, and footnotes upon footnotes (making reading rhythm somewhat broken). The first few hundred pages were fascinating as the story builds, and freaky tales unfold. However, as I moved into the last hundred pages or so, I got a little tired of the psycho-babblings of a messed up crazy guy. I felt like the end of the book was a huge letdown with very little closure on any of the characters’ perils. It seemed as if Danielewski simply got bored of writing it, and just trailed off.

I actually enjoyed the whackiness in which the book was formatted as I felt it added to how the broken story was communicated (very effective technique, IMO). It really spoke to the fear, confusion, and general “crazy” that the characters were experiencing throughout. If you’ve been curious about this book, I recommend it on the sheer fact that most of it was entertaining to read, but don’t feel obligated to finish it lol.

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