Book Review — The Castle by Franz Kafka

The Castle (Classics of World Literature)The Castle by Franz Kafka
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 stars. It’s really tough to rate/review a book this is unfinished, but I definitely have an opinion on it. After visiting the Kafka museum in Prague, I became intrigued by his struggle of being in the corporate world but longing to be an artist. Despite being really good at his job at an insurance company, he really disliked it and it appeared to greatly impact his health. His struggle is real to me. I couldn’t help but read that struggle when reading The Castle. All throughout the book there are parallels to the human behavior of the people who work in The Castle and the people who long to be in the Castle. The way K. talks about wanting access to Klamm and anyone of importance reminded me of how we climb the ladder. The way Olga described the messengers, including her brother Barnabas, and how they worked in tiny offices with so much red tape made me think of (in hyperbole) large companies and all the bureaucracy that exists. Or perhaps I’m jaded.

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