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Book Review — Empire

EmpireEmpire by Orson Scott Card
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I was very disappointed in this book. I’m a huge fan of the Ender Series, and was really looking forward to the ideas and creative story telling that Card seems to carry with him. However, I felt this book fell short of that. While his character development was on par, the overall story telling style left me unsatisfied. As other reviewers have noted, Card seemed to leave nothing to the reader’s imagination. Every time I would start creating possibilities in my head, Card would tell me outright what was going on in a very obvious manner. The action portions and some of the twists were exciting and kept me engaged, but in general, I wouldn’t say this is even a good work of his. Not a bad beach book, I suppose. It’s a very easy read, and pretty easy to pick up on the story after a break in reading.

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sometimes, i feel i’m a failure at relationships. it’s generally with women. i seem to be completely inept at maintaining a relationship with a woman without fucking it up at some point…multiple times usually. i just don’t do well with expectations and shit like that. i’m not who you want me to be. i am who i am. and sometimes, that means i open up at the most unexpected time. i’m an introvert for god’s sake. the fact that i even open up at all should be worth something. but i often feel it’s worth nothing…or at least not good enough. there have been only a handful of people who know me well enough and have the patience and understanding enough to hang in there with me.

hopefully, this current one will hang around since she’s the only close female i have left. guh why couldn’t i have gotten the “express your emotions” gene like the rest of the female population?!

religion @ work

i ate my lunch in the break room today (unusual, but i gotta’ save money somewhere), and sat amidst a conversation i chose only to observe. the partakers of the conversation were coworkers, most with whom i don’t associate myself with the only exception being my sifu.

seemingly out of nowhere, the guy sitting next to me commented that the leader of FDLS, Warren Jeffs, should be “tortured for the things he’s done.” that lead to a conversation about religion (one of the topics that shouldn’t be discussed with coworkers IMO). most of the comments were centered around “i think this sect is a cult” or “that sect is a cult.”

do you see why i refrained from participating?

most of you know i’m not religious, and you know the reasons (can you say smothered?). while my perspective is not unique in this world, i seemed to be the only one at the table who saw a lack of respect for people who believe something different (sometimes vastly). at one point, the guy sitting next to me commented that the mormon faith seemed to originate from drug-induced experiences (the phrase “the guy licked toads” was used).

soon, the conversation led to comments saying, “i don’t know how people could believe something without any other basis.” this is where i laughed inside. what do you think non-Christians think of Christians who believe in a God with very little (solid) evidence? that’s what faith is about. i’m not here to argue about what religion or teaching is right. what i do want to point out is that trying to discount a belief system just because you don’t “get it” is stupid. it’s simply an appeal to ridicule (thanks, charlie, for the deductive logic lesson!).


when did “new year” get pluralized?  i see “new years” everywhere, but it’s only got an S on there for possessiveness, like when you say “i celebrated new year’s eve.”  i also say “happy new year!” because i’m wishing everyone a singularly happy new year.


intrepeting art

i am not a fan of bush or any of the things he’s done during his term(s) as President. i think he is way too focused on a very religion-inspired agenda (admittedly difficult to do when you’re so passionate about your religion) and seems to pander to anyone will to toot his horn.

HOWEVER, i don’t think it’s an excuse to rip on his interpretations of art.  while bush obviously put his own spin to the interpretation of his favorite painting, isn’t that part of enjoying art?  being able to extrapolate a variety of meanings from the same piece makes the piece more enjoyable to a wider variety of people.  so what if it’s not the way to artist intended.  i’m sure Monet, Rembrandt, Picasso, and countless other artists and their pieces have been misinterpreted.  that doesn’t make the interpretations flat out wrong or stupid.  it simply means the piece is being enjoyed in a different form than originally intended.

any thoughts?

deeply disturbed

i find it deeply disturbing that christians are protesting with messages like “thank god for dead soldiers.” is that really the message that the Bible intended?  does speaking “directly and simply” mean being derogatory?  last i checked, it doesn’t.  what kind of faith is that?!

i’m just completely amazed.  at the same time, we cannot deny their right to voice their opinions (or however you want to phrase it).  however, i agree with the legislation that many are pushing for to limit protests at funerals.  seriously-can you at least show some compassion?  surely that’s what jesus would do lol.

wow.  just wow.

assert(flag_pin != patriotism);

fox news is reporting that barrack obama has decided not to wear the flag pin. thank god someone isn’t afraid to make a decision that makes sense, and perhaps avoid blindly following the crowd. if a flag pin is how you show your patriotism, then i’d say you’re not very patriotic. i agree with obama’s decision and his reasoning:

“My attitude is that I’m less concerned about what you’re wearing on your lapel than what’s in your heart,” Obama said. “You show your patriotism by how you treat your fellow Americans, especially those who serve.”

i wish that other presidential candidates would have a spine and do their own thing. show me something fresh. show me some different method of patriotism…not just a lapel pin.  good grief!

dun tread on me

i really hate it when people pounce on me when i have just arrived at my desk. i especially dislike it when people come to me with an issue that they have not done any troubleshooting on at all. don’t come asking for help on something you haven’t even looked at seriously. i can’t do your job and my job at the same time.

grrr. it’s gonna be a rough day.

pet peave #7659

persona: co-worker
behavior: must answer the phone when it rings
points of annoyance: 1- turning the ringer on the phone way up so you can hear it across the office, and 2- leaving in the middle of a conversation/meeting to answer their phone (since they can hear it ring)

this happens at work on a regular basis.  not only are some of my co-workers’ ringers really loud, but some of them have a really annoying ring (we have “new” phones that let you change the ringtone…at least it’s not polyphonic goofiness).  the main point of annoyance is when people are in the middle of a conversation or discussion (sometimes very important), and the co-worker perks up at hearing his ringtone, and runs into his office (in the middle of the conversation, mind you) to answer the phone.  can’t it wait?  it indicates a lack of respect for your co-workers.  and that’s really where the annoyance is for me. 

a loud ringer that might be distracting to people trying to concentrate is disrespectful (in my opinion).  this is especially true in close quarters/cube farm-type situations.  someone breaking a conversation to run into his office to see who’s calling is also disrespectful.  i’m not asking for anyone to be nice or to like me.  just please respect my time and concentration.


dave shea talks about the newly released adobe photoshop cs3 icons.  and i have to agree that the icons are terrible! you can see the simple design in the image below (click to enlarge).

i spent about 9 months in art school while i was trying to figure out what the hell i wanted out of college.  during my time there, i designed a few icons, and i did very poorly at it.  that being said, i have to say that if i had come in with icons looking like that, i would’ve gotten worse remarks than i did on the designs i did come up with (i always got “you need to push the envelope” lol).

listen, adobe – when i went to art school, i was surrounded with talented people who were able to create some of the most creative and fantastic work (icons, etc.).  couldn’t you hire one of them?

comment spam

so i’ve abandoned any attempt at controlling the comment spam via a wordpress plugin because they all suck.  akismet was supposed to be good, but i still have to wade through comments in moderation.  akismet’s interface via wordpress sucks.  i’d rather wade through the comments in moderation via wordpress’s normal interface, which allows me to search and mass delete on those results.  so as long as you don’t use some key gambling words in your comment, you should be okay.


lol @ myspace

i think myspace is super-trendy. it’s a fad that will peak and plateau just like having your own website (90s style, y0! blinky blinky!) and blogging (lj style, yo! whiney whiney). i don’t think myspace will disappear, though i sincerely hope that it evolves to help users learn how to create more aesthetically pleasing content–especially since there’s so little actual content.

about me:

hi! i love < insert religious-like obssession here > and i love my life! and i custom-made this layout from!

< insert private-information-divulging survey here>

who i’d like to meet:

anyone and everyone! as long as you’re not a stalker!!!

i don’t apologize for my skepticism. i just think most people on myspace are somewhat ignorant of the consequences of posting such personal information. and i say this coming from the perspective of someone who used to be ignorant. /sigh. i’m not sure what the point of this post is other than to rant about the silliness of myspace.

i will end the post on a positive note. as i’ve looked through friends of friends, i’ve found many people that i haven’t talked to in a long time. sure there’s a reason (proximity, convenience, bad experience), but that doesn’t mean i have to cling to any bitter feelings i might’ve had so long ago. i was bitter. i didn’t want to be friends with many of those people at one time. but this week, i found it strange that i was still holding onto a smidgen of those feelings. so i cast them off. hopefully, those people will still have a willingness to be my myspace friend lol.


argh @ nfl

as much as i wanted to watch football, i could not tolerate watching monday night football last night.  “why?” you may ask.  well, i wanted to watch football, but espn made monday night football into a katrina-fest.  now, i don’t want to sound cold-hearted.  what happened during katrina was devestating.  and yes, it’s great that the saints are back in the dome.  but the commentators spoke of nothing but that.  i wanted them to commentate on the game, but they continued to talk about the devestation.  and then the commercials were even more about guilting us all into giving more.  the entire thing seemed as if there was no football game, but only a gathering of new orleans natives together again after years of being apart.

well, all i wanted was to watch football–not to hear how hard it is for everyone to survive.  l2p newb.