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welcome in, 2007.

so the pictures are up from the pulled-together-at-the-last-minute new year’s eve classic III at my house. thanks, cannie! and thanks to all those peeps that made this party one of the best parties i’ve thrown in a long time.

so this is the first post of the new year. i’ve been crafting it in my head for about a week, and it’s finally time to put it out here. 2006 was definitely a landmark year for me. i grew as a person more consciously this year, and am able to look back and am happy with the results. here’s a quick recap.

jan – started the year off by spending a week in amsterdam with some close friends (aka the robots). i bought a senseo, which i’ve used almost everyday since i bought it. i also met a co-worker, lily, who would, throughout the year, become an unexpected influence in my life.

jan-feb – spent the first 2 months finishing my senior project, despite having walked in dec. ’05. my diploma says i graduated then, and i’m grateful they let us keep our grad date despite being a little late. getting my bachelor’s degree been a lifelong goal. hooray!

march-april – somewhat uneventful. spent time really getting into my projects at work. now that i had finished school, i was able to better focus on work. i made time to party and enjoy my new-found free time.

may – i finally went to yoga with my co-worker, lily. it had been a goal for a couple of years to get into a yoga class. i had even joined the YMCA in effort to do it, but i didn’t use my membership even once. thanks for helping to show the way, lily! it’s a lot less intimidating if you have someone to show you the ropes.

june – this month is one that will live in infamy in my mind. a series of events during june ’06 led up to a major turning point in my life. the details are not important anymore, nor are the stories (though they are some entertaining stories). after gallivanting all over the country (savannah, las vegas, chicago), i finally realized what “calm the fuck down” really means, and i intend to completely change some perspectives i had.

july-sept – spent the next several months going to yoga 3 times a week, tai chi 2 times a week, and in general getting my mind together. i feel better during this period than i have ever felt (not exaggerating as much as you might think). i also went to boston for the first time ever (for training). it’s an amazing city! josh, a former roommate and good friend, got married at the beginning of sept, and we threw a successful labor day classic II.

oct – i had an awesome birthdayweek. i got free lunch most of the week, and partied (not too hard) most of the week in the evenings (in between yoga practices lol). and to cap it all off, i went to a strip club for the first time ever. hehe. it was truly a fun time. i also wen to chicago for a week with a co-worker for training. i was truly amazed by all that chi-town had to offer. halloween was also more fun this year than ever (thanks, lily!).

nov-dec – wow. holidays were upon us. spent thanksgiving in st. augustine with charlie’s family (that was an exercise in sneaking out!), and december was filled with all the holiday fun as usual.

overall — throughout the year, i also cultivated my gardening skills by maintaining a variety of potted plants. i look forward to a great growing season throughout 2007!

what’s in store for 2007? check for the next post to find out.

home sweet home

i survived thanksgiving week at the beach with my boyfriend’s family. whew! i had already met much of the family, but hadn’t spent that amount of time with them. despite the stresses of small children and loving family, charlie and i managed to have a good time. took a few pics, and haven’t finished uploading them yet. the house was nice and the beach was gorgeous. other than charlie’s car getting egg’d, there was no other bad drama. charlie’s family is really great, but better in small doses (as is the case with most families).

summary of the trip: visited downtown st. augustine (oldest city in the US), the alligator farm, a lighthouse, some seafood restaurants, and many galleries (no art purchased, unfortunately). the weather was chilly the first couple of days and sunny/warm the last couple of days, but it was super-windy the whole time, so we didn’t spend much time on the beach. all in all, the trip consisted primarily of devising ways to get away from the children and family. i’ve increased my sneakiness a little bit. 🙂 there’s nothin’ like quiet, home-sweet-home.

toilet covers on the airport toilets!

so far, so good in chicago. i miss home already. i don’t really feel like i got to spend any time at home (1 week at home isn’t ever enough!). and i really am going to miss vegging out in front of the TV….though i could get that here too. but there’s too much to see, as is evident by my pix. and that’s not including the ones that i took with my travel companion’s camera (which is a huge upgrade to my crappy little thing). /sigh.

notsorandom musings

the following was written during my sushi dinner tonight after an afternoon of reading more of the wisdom of insecurity. DISCLAIMER: this book is not for everyone. if you have a fairly negative outlook on life or are not ready to be open-minded about your religion/philosophy, you should NOT read this book yet.


7:39pm EDT 9/21/06 Shilla Korean & Japanese Restaurant (down the street from MIT)

sweet nectar of the gods
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thinking that i yearn for days
that did not come
thinking that i had done the other
but shunning that
thinking of a time not lost
caught in yesterday
but not right now.

presence is reality
past, future don’t exist
only a fleeting memory
a motionless picture
of a rapidly moving moment
taken out of context.
you think you know
but stop thinking and know!


does it matter?
does it exist?
does it exist seperately?
does it exist seperately from me?
the question is not “what is the meaning,” but “what is the existence.”

untitled (doesn’t that mean it’s titled?)

i wasn’t going to post tonight (sorry shep), but i’m laying on my hotel bed watching all the crappy primetime re-runs by myself. posting is better than anything.

today was unusual. drank 3 or 4 too many cosmos last night (great hotel bartender), and was regretting it this morning. i finally got my belly under control, went to class, and was bored out of my mind. talked about security and networking, and i really couldn’t focus.


once class got out, the adventure began. 5pm on a tuesday evening in boston – what shall i do? i came back to the hotel and did a quick google search on boston. found a nifty, interactive map, and checked all the museums, but alas they all closed at 5 or 6. i finally settled on checking out the Faneuil Hall Market Place since there’d be shopping (even the tomboys have to do it sometimes) and plenty of food.

the drive was short, and traffic wasn’t bad. i didn’t have a map–only my decent sense of direction (thank god!). and the marketplace was quaint. it had the moderness of a mall with the quaintness of cafes. weather was good, and vendors were in full sales-mode.

i did a little shopping. bought a laughing buddha, and found some novelty stores/items. other fun finds were the gigantic spinner watches, the bubbly lighting, and a giant chinese takeout box purse. once i made the rounds of the marketplace, i decided on a place to eat.

spicy seared tuna

mccormick and schmick’s looked a little upscale, but i really need to get some more fresh new england seafood. i’m guessing the tuna was fresh…it better had been since it was served practically rare–the only way to eat tuna. it was very spicy and very tasty.

i finished the meal off with a dessert, which is unusual. but i hadn’t eaten lunch, so i splurged. mmmm. upside-down apple pie for the win! i found my way back to woburn without incident, and have been here since. and now this post has taken 30 minutes to write.

now i remember why i wasn’t posting that often. lololol.


so now i’m in boston.  so far, the trip has been interesting.  i’ve been stared at more than usual (in my opinion), and even cat-called by teenagers (they looked it anyway) outside the hotel.  connected with an IT manager at BoA on the plane, and i got a good way through my book.  i <3 neil stephenson.  very fascinating.

travelling by myself is fun.  there are no limitations on what i can do.  i got a sweet ’07 maxima as a rental car, and it has all kinds of gadgets and gizmos built-in.  a nice little daily driver, if you ask me.  and boston is pretty cool so far.  can’t wait till i can see it in the daytime.

what’s even better is that i hooked up with more friends (4 or 5 in one day!) on myspace.  i really am not a fan of myspace as a whole, but if it’s the only way i’ll keep up with these people, then it’s not so bad.  i can overlook the overt ignorance of all web design standards (lololololol).

just randomness…no links.  sorry.  4 beers + travelling all afternoon = sleepy rach. 🙂